A Night Under the Stars in Karura Forest

The Travelling Telescope will provide you a guided tour of Kenya’s unpolluted equatorial night skies while you enjoy views through their large computereized telescope. Their Nairobi Star Party has been an exciting event gathering people around the telescope as they share the views of the Moon, planets, and stars.

Celebrating OUR 10th Anniversary

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, 100 Year Starship® is a dynamic global initiative to ensure that the capabilities enabling human interstellar travel beyond our solar system to another star exists a reality within the next 100 years.


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100YSS exclusive programs to enlighten, inspire and motivate achieving the extraordinary!

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Evening Under Stars with the Travelling Telescope in the Karura Forest

Collision Gala


for Excellence in Interstellar Writing

"Who Owns Space?"

2023 Theme

The award recognizes the finest fiction and non-fiction works that expand our understanding of the challenges, opportunities, pitfalls, and rewards of interstellar space exploration.


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Nexus Nairobi 2023 Partner Organizations

We exist to make the capability of human travel beyond our solar system a reality within the next 100 years. We unreservedly dedicate ourselves to identifying and pushing the radical leaps in knowledge and technology needed to achieve interstellar flight, while pioneering and transforming breakthrough applications that enhance the quality of life for all on Earth.

We actively seek to include the broadest swath of people and human experience in understanding, shaping, and implementing this global aspiration.

Taking up this task ignites not only our imagination, but the undeniable human need to push ourselves to accomplishments greater than any single individual.